Women’s freedom of expression is still restricted in many countries around the world.
Art has the unique power to carry a message across barriers, transcend languages, unite cultures and bypass any unjust laws. Artdom aims to create a world where every woman is free to express herself, enabling art to flourish through female manifestation. It creates spaces where female artists can interact with, and empower each other, and through their work, inspire others as well. 
Artdom matches two artists from two countries and challenges them as a pair to share their perception about the same concept by creating one shared artwork.

«The innocent and the bride» A collaboration between the Norwegian artist Lene Merete Haugen and the Pakistani artist Amra Khan
The exhibition was opened by the Minister of Culture, Abid Raja and Christian Ringnes.
The Norwegian businessman and art collector Christian Rings gave a speech during the opening. Here posing in front of the artists.